Right Management’s Workplace Wellness team is urging employers to build resilient organisations after its recent Clinical Director report revealed a larger percentage of the workforce accessing Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP and counselling) than they were four years ago[1].

Jayne Carrington, Managing Director of Workplace Wellness, says: “Economic downturn, hand in hand with diminishing job security, is producing unprecedented levels of stress-related long term absence. We believe the world of work is changing and a new reality is emerging in which human potential will be the major agent of economic growth. Therefore, nurturing and maximising this potential is a significant consideration facing organisations. The ability to build resilience within employees will separate the winners from the losers.”

Right Management is introducing a new innovative workforce solution to help organisations reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and improve employee engagement. BuildResilence™ has a powerful six-step online behaviour change programme at its core, which has been developed in partnership with technology partner vielife, and is closely aligned with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) management standards.

Carrington explains: “Resilience is like a muscle; it can be trained, it can grow and it can waste away. All too frequently traditional stress management approaches fail because they do not inspire people to want to make sustainable changes and they are more about the organisation and compliance. Using proven Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques, our programme helps individuals to make better decisions about their lifestyle choices, responses to stress and to difficult times and learn new behavioural patterns.”

BuildResilence™ is an online programme that can be integrated with a range of delivery options including engaging and skill development workshops, webinars, podcasts and one on one coaching.

Carrington concludes: “A resilient organisation is more than just a group of resilient employees. Our programme should be targeted across all levels of an organisation to embed genuine cultural change. We believe no organisation will be successful in a globally competitive world with anything but healthy and productive people and we can help employers create a cost-effective and sustainable wellness strategy to help build a workforce able to deal with the sling and arrows of today’s busy work-life demands.”