Employers need to encourage and support learning at work as well as organising structured training, according to the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development.

Martyn Sloman, learning and development advisor at the organisation, said there is a difference between learning and being trained.

He explained that while training happens from the classroom down, learning "lies in the domain of the individual" and is an ongoing process.

For example, employers can offer training sessions centred on the development of key skills such as writing presentations and giving feedback.

However, these skills must be learnt by employees through practice, which is something their employers must support them with.

"Employers today have to create an environment in which people are encouraged to learn and are supported in their learning and that’s a different thing from laying on taught courses," Mr Sloman remarked.

According to the National Workplace Learning Network, any knowledge or skills an employee gains through interactions resulting in changes to behaviour, attitude or awareness can be classed as workplace learning.