A spokesperson for the Institute for Employment Studies has suggested employee satisfaction does not come and go depending on the economy.

The representative’s comments come after a new survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found workplace contentment has continued to climb since 2006, despite the current recession.

According to the organisation’s voice, the continued satisfaction improvements are a reflection of HR strategy and practice – and businesses learning from previous downturns how to look after their staff better.

"There has been a lot more care, I think, about employee relations in this recession than perhaps in previous ones," they added.

However, the CIPD survey suggested fault lines may be developing that will undermine employee wellbeing, morale and commitment if not addressed by HR staff.

A total of three-quarters of respondents claimed their organisation has been affected by the recession, with 52 per cent stating this has increased work-related stress, while 38 per cent admitted to seeing a rise in office politics.