The health of workers in the education sector is adversely affected by their employment, it has been suggested.

According to research conducted by the Association of Teachers and the Lecturers and Teacher Support Network (TSN), 70 per cent of the teachers and lecturers surveyed reported that their health has suffered as a result of their job.

Meanwhile, half claimed to be stressed because they work in education.

Commenting on the findings, Patrick Nash from the TSN said: "During our experiences as a charity supporting teachers through counselling and coaching, we have seen just how much stress affects both individual teachers and learning experiences of pupils."

He added that the government must work with schools to ensure the successful introduction of wellbeing programmes and better policies to support the health of staff in the sector.

To coincide with Mental Health Action Week, Acas recently urged employers in the Yorkshire and Humber areas to focus on making sure that their staff are healthy at work.