Britons have left jobs because of bad managementIt was revealed that half of UK Employees leaving their job are citing bad management as the main cause.

The report by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) has revealed that 47 per cent of respondents felt they were badly managed in a previous workplace, leading them to leave their role, while 50 per cent of people believe they could do a better job than their current manager.

Furthermore, 49 per cent of employees claimed that they would be prepared to have their pay cut if it meant working with a better manager.

Ruth Spellman, CMI chief executive, said: "The figures reveal the depth of the crisis of confidence in UK management and leadership and the enormous toll bad management is taking on the UK economy and people’s well-being."

The report also revealed that 63 per cent of managers admitted to having no management training, while 68 per cent revealed they had come to the role by accident.

Andy Clare, partner at Shine Feedback, recently claimed that fewer managers were dedicating their time to performance management.