LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network with more than 135 million members worldwide, today released the most overused words and phrases in members’ LinkedIn Profiles for 2011.

The number one most overused buzzword in LinkedIn Profiles, (the place where members’ list their professional skills and achievements), both globally and in the UK was ‘creative’. Here is LinkedIn’s 2011 list of the top 10 terms that are overused by professionals in the UK:

1. Creative
2. Track record
3. Motivated
4. Effective
5. Extensive experience
6. Wide range
7. Innovative
8. Communication skills
9. Dynamic
10. Problem solving

“Banish the buzzword from your LinkedIn profile,” says Katie Ledger author of “And what do you do? 10 steps to creating a Portfolio Career”. “Competition for opportunities can be fierce and employers are now looking more closely for substance plus style. Use simple language to highlight projects you have lead. Experience has also never been more important. Give specific examples, results and if possible, personal testimonials. Remember to think like a freelancer and really sell your unique professional accomplishments and experiences, even if you are applying for a salaried job”.

In LinkedIn’s 2010 study, buzzwords like “motivated,” “extensive experience,” and “innovative” topped the list as the most overused buzzwords. Since LinkedIn’s global membership has grown from 85 million to more than 135 million members since the 2010 buzzwords analysis, that list has changed. Here are the 2011 number one buzzwords for countries that LinkedIn fielded the study in:

* Creative: Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the United States
* Multinational: Brazil
* Dynamic: France
* Effective: India
* Problem solving: Italy
* Motivated: Ireland
* Managerial: Spain
* Track record: Singapore

“As business winds down for Christmas, spare a few minutes to add some sparkle to your LinkedIn Profile to help you stand out from the crowd,” added Ledger.

Here are some tips professionals can act on over the Christmas break to increase the number of people viewing their LinkedIn Profile:

Showcase your skills
LinkedIn tracks thousands of hot, up-and-coming professional skills on LinkedIn Skills. Add relevant LinkedIn Skills to your profile so that you come up in search results when other professionals need someone like you for a project, to get advice or for an open position that they have.

Come highly recommended
Recommendations on LinkedIn spread virally, and give those viewing your profile a sense of who you are as a professional. Request LinkedIn Recommendations from past managers and clients, and feel free to hint at why you’re asking for the recommendation (to get more clients, to find a new job, etc.) as well as the types of things the recommender can comment on. (“Tim, I’d really appreciate it if you could give me a recommendation regarding the ABC project that I worked on that resulted in us increasing sales by 120 percent.”)

Accentuate your profile
Make sure your LinkedIn Profile is complete and includes all the roles you have had. You are 12 times more likely to be viewed for potential opportunities if you have more than one position listed on your profile. Also, add a profile photo – people never forget a face.