Two British businesses have come under fire from the GMB trade union, after it emerged that they were refusing to grant staff time off to view the impending nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Although the event has already been declared a bank holiday, concrete product maker CPM and Interfloor have informed employees that anyone wishing to take April 29th 2011 off work will have to do so from their holiday entitlement.

“I think this is rather ‘bah humbug’ because the day has been declared a public holiday,” said GMB regional officer Alana Armstrong. “GMB would urge the company to offer double pay or a day in lieu as a gesture of goodwill.”

A spokesman for the Federation of Small Businesses pointed out that bank holidays cost UK firms around £6 billion in lost income, placing some smaller companies in a particularly difficult position.

Bosses looking to build improved relations with workers should consider participating in the forthcoming Employee Engagement Summit 2011, which will take place at London’s Canary Wharf on March 3rd.

Posted by Hayley Edwards