Supportive-workforceAccording to research released today, half of UK employees feel that their organisation does not help them develop good team working skills.

The survey of 2,000 people, conducted by training consultancy, Cedar, revealed that approximately 20% of respondents have never been in a meeting where team performance was discussed, while four in ten claim to have a manager ‘who does not assist in resolving conflicts’, which in turn has a damaging effect on the team’s overall performance.

It also found that unworkable relationships within teams had a direct effect on productivity, with a third of those surveyed admitting that they dread going into work as the result of a bad team environment. Furthermore, a third of respondents feel that a tense atmosphere has an impact on their ability to do their job correctly.

‘Sloppy work’ was deemed to be the biggest office timewaster for half of those surveyed, as they claim that the need to re-do work of their colleagues prevents efficiency.

As a result of this, 37% of employees questioned prefer to work on their own, and Cedar suggests that many business cultures do not encourage employees to communicate ideas, share responsibility and trust fellow team members.

Penny de Valk, Chief Executive of Cedar, said:

“A lack of adequate training and support for effective team working has a potentially damaging knock-on effect on business productivity.

“Team leaders play a vital role in delivering organisational performance, while their style and effectiveness has an impact on their team’s ability to deliver successfully.”

She added:

“This requires a savvy, influential leadership style to get all members of the team focused on team goals, as well as awareness of their position as a role model. Regular meetings to discuss team performance, alongside opportunities to socialise as a team, create the right atmosphere for team productivity.”