Green IT could save moneyGreen IT could help to ease business budgets and should not be seen as being incompatible with the current financial downturn, one sector commentator has urged.

James Murray, editor at, said: "It’s not easy for any capital project to get through at the moment, that much is blindingly obvious, but these are effectively cost-saving projects."

He added that IT departments in particular could benefit from going green, as such a course of action could reduce energy bills by five or six per cent, or even more.

Mr Murray went on to note that there was "plenty of evidence" that green IT is one of the few functioners in the IT market that seems to be "relatively robust".

His comments follow recent research by Global Action Plan showing that 60 per cent of public sector employees are unaware of the government’s current green information communication technology (ICT) strategy.

By 2020 the government hopes its ICT will be carbon neutral across its lifecycle.