Theresa May released the Brexit whitepaper last week, which basically reiterates her views voiced in her most recent Brexit speech.

An embarrassing error has been identified in the Government’s Brexit whitepaper released just last week by the Prime Minister, driving suspicion as to the care taken when drawing up the document.

Included on page 32, a chart in the paper comparing British and EU standards for holiday leave and maternity leave claims UK workers are entitled to 14 weeks paid holiday a year – ten further weeks than stipulated under EU law.

The error appears to be due to a mislabelled key on the chart, which is supposed to reassure readers that workers rights are not under threat from Brexit.

A graph contained in the White Paper shows Brits will get 14 weeks holiday after Brexit

The graph included in the whitepaper.

The text accompanying the inaccurate holiday graph says:

“These rights were the result of UK Government actions and do not depend on membership of the EU.

“The Government is committed to strengthening rights when it is the right choice for UK workers and will continue to seek out opportunities to enhance protections.






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