Workers are more likely to seek out new employment following the long bank holiday weekend, it has been suggested.

According to research conducted by Monster, 49 per cent of employees believe that a bank holiday would increase the chances of them looking for another job, while 33 per cent claim that they would definitely plan to look for a new job.

Commenting on the findings, Monster life coach Jenny Ungless said: "People use their weekends to recover from the week at work, catch up with chores and see friends.

"The bank holiday Monday gives them that extra day to consider issues such as job satisfaction and career progression."

Bosses are therefore advised to ensure that staff leave work in a positive frame of mind before embarking on a long weekend.

According to research conducted by fish4jobs, 51 per cent of people recently questioned claimed that the disruptive behaviour exhibited by co-workers had been a factor in them considering seeking other employment.