A survey questioning 1000 jobseekers on the TipTopJob sites about how they deal with stress at work found that almost a third of people take a walk to instantly reduce stress at work. 27 percent of people revealed that going for a walk was how they dealt with stressful situations in the workplace.

Second to this, a quarter of the respondents opted to treat themselves to gifts. This took the form of eating luxurious food or other kinds of retail therapy. Surprisingly no-one reported reading as a de-stresser, only 10 percent went out to see their friends and luckily, only 3 percent sunk their heads in alcohol after work. 19 percent decided to take some time off from work to combat stress and 17 percent exercised.

Just as stress can affect people in different ways, handling and dealing with stress also varies from one person to another. What works for one person, may not for a colleague.

“Stress is rife in today’s busy and complex living. People have to work out their limits and find situations that make them feel less stressed. If not, the knock on effect on individuals can be severe and second to that can impact on performance at work which nobody wants. We have some articles in our Career Centre about dealing with stress to help people to get through difficult times,” commented Corinne Hutchinson, from TipTopJob.





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