The majority of employees (87%) describe themselves as being engaged at work despite suggestions elsewhere that employee engagement is low.

HR consultancy ETS, who conducted the research among UK staff, also found that 30% of workers consider themselves ‘highly engaged’. 57% said that the most important factor in being engaged at work is ‘feeling their work is valued’.

Hannah Stratford, Head of Business Psychology at ETS, says: “It continues to be a tough time for businesses and employees so it is really positive that nine out of ten employees describe themselves as being engaged at work. Increasing the level of employee engagement is essential for the UK’s economic recovery.

“But while we should rightly be buoyed by these figures, we should bear in mind that external factors such as the economy and a lack of job security could play a part in influencing how employees respond to surveys at present.”

Overall, those surveyed believe that employers can increase employee engagement by improving leadership (36%), showing greater appreciation for good work (31%) and by providing better pay and benefits (16%).