High workloads are the biggest grievance of almost half of UK employees, according to a new survey by the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

The union found that 46 per cent of employees believe their workload is too heavy and is causing them problems.

Of these, 23 per cent said their level of work was leading to longer hours and 39 per cent said it was causing them increased stress.

Some 72 per cent of respondents said they would like unions to bring up the issue of excessive workloads with the government.

In addition, 69 per cent said they would like to see workplace stress acknowledged by ministers.

The TUC research also showed that almost six million employees find their work boring or repetitive and only 66 per cent actually enjoy it.

According to the TUC, research carried out by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in 2006 found that workers under high levels of strain are at a substantially increased risk of burnout.