Nearly half of UK adults questioned in a recent survey revealed that they feel their computer skills are in need of improvement, it has been revealed.

The ICM research, which was commissioned by Microsoft, indicated that almost a third (31 per cent) of people feel they have poor or no computer skills, while 16 per cent feel they lack the skills to do their job adequately.

"In our knowledge economy we must ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to build their skills and realise their potential," stated David Lammy, minister for skills.

In response to the findings, Microsoft, along with learndirect, UK online centres and Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations, has launched the Microsoft Digital Literacy curriculum.

Available over the internet, the curriculum is intended to help close Britain’s IT skills gap and to support the government’s Skills for Life targets, which were set by the Leitch Review.

Recently, Jan Peters, manager of British Computer Society Women’s Forum, stated that female workers need to be encouraged to consider careers in the IT industry, as many are unaware of the opportunities and awards that are available in the sector.