Sales people bring home more baconThe average basic pay of sales people is greater than that of their fellow professionals working in marketing, finance and HR, new research has concluded.

Business development representatives in the south-east are the highest paid of the lot with a typical basic wage of £27,490 – 16 per cent more than the national average, the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s latest Croner Sales Rewards study has found.

A middle manager in sales typically takes home just over £38,000 a year, which is 5.6 per cent above the national average for this level,

It was also learned average pay for a head of sales staff member is £57,060, which is more than heads of marketing and HR, on an average of £53,963 of £52,603 respectively.

David Thorp, head of research and professional development at the organisation, said the study "confirms that businesses are rewarding their most experienced salespeople well for their vital contribution".

According to staff trainer Lisa Titcomb and retail director Liz Bennett of cosmetics firm Lush, good staff training "leads to good sales".

They added when people are trained to a high level they feel refreshed, stimulated and "have a desire to do well".