Employers have been told to personalise their benefits schemes to get the most from them.

HR magazine reported on the HR Reward Survey 2009 held in association with Vebnet, which revealed that companies are unsure how to individualise rewards to make them effective.

According to the research, nearly half of all those surveyed admitted they did not conduct research into employees concerns over reward and benefits packages offered by those companies.

Richard Morgan, director of consultancy services at Vebnet, said: "The evidence shows how the effectiveness and appreciation of benefits is hugely reliant on personalisation."

Mr Morgan carried on to say: "The research shows there are pockets of employers doing the right things, but there is also a disturbing polarisation between good and bad practice."

He warned that companies needed to create an environment where "effective communication" could help them make the most of their reward spend.

Brand Republic recently quoted ProjectLink Motivation’s sales and marketing director Steve Baker as saying that "successful companies are those that operate a structured employee reward and recognition scheme".