UK managers are failing to inspire their employees as a new survey shows that just one in four workers feel motivated by their leaders.

The research, conducted by the HR consultancy BlessingWhite, shows that almost one quarter of UK employees feel disengaged from their work as a result of poor management.

Just 23 per cent of those questioned said they were fully engaged at work and only three per cent said they would remain in their current job out of commitment to their boss.

"At this time of economic uncertainty, businesses need reliable and consistent leadership to inspire employees to achieve high performance and help them stay competitive," said Tom Barry, European managing director of BlessingWhite.

He said it is "impossible" to retain employees without strong leadership, which helps workers feel in touch with the company and its management.

According to the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development poor engagement with a manager can play a large part in an employee’s decision to leave their organisation.