A new poll has indicated that almost half of Britain’s managers would prefer to have their seasonal pay packets augmented by bonuses than receive a promotion to a more senior role.

The survey of 3,300 individuals, carried out by the Institute of Management & Leadership (ILM), revealed that financial security remains something of a concern and some bosses also harbour worries about their staffing levels.

“Organisations looking to thank staff for their hard work can rest assured that some sort of seasonal bonus will be particularly well received this year,” said ILM chief executive Penny de Valk.

Seasonal parties were also a source of worry, with 45 per cent of participants considering them to be potential flashpoints for conflict, while one in six stated that they would like to see improved training and development.

Last month, Employment Review editor Noelle Murphy claimed a growing number of companies are reigning in their spending on Christmas festivities, with one-tenth not organising any kind of get-together at all.

Posted by Hayley Edwards