Employers hoping to boost equality in the workplace could start by examining pay policies within their organisation.

A new survey by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has shown that two-thirds of UK workers are unhappy about the pay gap within their company.

Some 78 per cent of those questioned said they would support government action to reduce the gap between the highest and the lowest earners.

Half of respondents said they thought bonuses should be paid on a team basis, rather than being linked to individual performance.

Employees expressed concern about pay gaps in both the public and private sectors, insisting that bosses deserve much less than they are paid, while lower earners, such as cleaners, deserve much more.

Nick Pearce, director of the organisation, said the results of the survey show that salaries in the UK are “out of kilter with the public’s sense of just rewards”.

“People think you should get paid what you deserve and don’t see the current inequalities as a fair reflection of differences in effort and talent,” he remarked.

“People want to see the benefits of success more fairly shared within organisations, instead of a few top earners getting an even bigger share of the pie,” Mr Pearce added.