Employers keen to offer their workforce more flexibility should consider IT hosting as it gives employees more choice over where and when to work.

That is according to ThinkGrid, an IT company that provides its customers with a personalised virtual desktop which can be accessed anywhere through connection with the internet.

Rob Lovell, chief executive and co-founder of ThinkGrid, explained that individuals who need "the ability to integrate with the business on flexible times" must be able to connect with the office from anywhere at any time.

Mr Lovell said that many businesses require their staff "to be in the office" to carry out their job.

He explained that with hosting, women who may for example be returning to work after maternity leave, are empowered to "continue their career" and contribute to a company.

A press release issued by Morse revealed that while more than 50 per cent of companies had a system to monitor their virtual machines, some 67 per cent were unsure of how many virtual PCs they had on their networks.