Expert states flexible working has its benefitsEurope’s biggest public sector union has shown its support for the government to extend flexible working among UK companies.

Michelle Singleton, assistant policy officer at Unison, said that it is "good to see" promises that could offers benefits to employers and employees and indicated that many British business were unduly concerned about implementing measures such as telecommuting for some staff.

She pointed out that despite fears that workers at home were not productive, those firms that have brought in flexible working have reaped the rewards from taking such action.

However, the expert stressed that this kind of company only works if it is done in small teams rather than across the breadth of a business.

Ms Singleton did express her disappointment at the scrapping of an Labour policy to increase paternity leave by two weeks.

Earlier this week, the Queen’s Speech included a pledge from the new coalition government to "remove barriers to flexible working and promote equal pay".

By Hayley Edwards