A number of employment law changes are to come into force over the next month, placing further responsibilities on employers.

From October 1st, the national minimum wage will increase from £5.52 per hour to £5.73 for workers aged 22 and over.

The hourly rate for 18 to 21-year-olds will also rise to £4.77, while young workers aged 16 and 17 will be entitled to at least £3.53 per hour.

Then on October 5th, an extension of maternity leave benefits will be introduced, with women on additional maternity leave entitled to the same non-cash benefits as those on ordinary maternity leave.

And later in October, the agency worker regulations will be amended to ensure that those on temporary contracts are entitled to statutory sick pay.

The government states that agency workers, homeworkers, part-time employees, casual staff and pieceworkers are all entitled to receive the national minimum wage from their employer.