HR departments should encourage employees to use up their full holiday entitlement as taking a break has a positive effect on productivity.

That is according to a survey by travel company Expedia, which has revealed that 45 per cent of those questioned admitted to feeling rejuvenated after a break.

Meanwhile, 29 per cent said they believed enjoying a holiday had increased their productivity at work.

Commenting on the benefits of taking a break, Jonathan Cudworth, head of product marketing at Expedia, said: "Holidays are very important for a happy and productive workplace. Simply taking even just a few days away from the office will enable you to be more productive when you get back to work."

While the majority of those questioned – 60 per cent – took their full holiday entitlement, 22 per cent admitted to cancelling holidays because of work commitments.

Some 23 per cent of employees have also confessed to checking work emails while away.

This number was just 13 per cent last year, indicating that there may be a link between concern over job security and increased conscientiousness.