ballot box at EU referendum polling station

In the aftermath of the EU’s leave referendum vote, there are undoubtedly going to be many questions on the implications the vote will have within the HR sphere.

We have conducted a survey for HR professionals to anonymously take part in to get to the root of exactly what these issues are.

First of all, we want to know what your gut reaction is to the decision. Do you think the vote will cause a lot of HR challenges? Or do you think that things won’t actually change much for HR professionals?

Delving deeper, we look into the areas of HR in your organisation that you believe will be disrupted the most by leaving the EU, such as recruitment, pensions and healthcare.

We’d also like to know just how many of your colleagues or employees are EU nationals, and what reaction they’ve had within your company to the vote.

Perhaps most importantly, we would like to know what HR issues you think should be prioritised in the leave negotiations. We predict here that your responses will be most interesting to hear.

Please do take the time to answer these questions and more so we can see what the issues and topics you want to hear about are. All answers will remain anonymous and will not be quoted elsewhere.





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