Many graduates are failing at interviewMany of the UK’s top graduates fail when it comes to the recruitment processes of employers as they may lack the interview skills needed to secure the best jobs, it is claimed.

David Baker, managing director of Evolutions UK, said over the course of his 15-year career he had seen many intelligent people turned down following job interviews as they had poor communication skills.

"What’s important to remember is that an employer is more likely to employ someone with fewer qualifications who is really impressive at [an] interview than a graduate with a first [class degree] who’s hopeless when in the hot seat," he explained.

Mr Baker added that recruitment success depended on personality, professionalism and the ability to describe the skills an individual would bring to the role.

He concluded that it was now more important than ever for graduates to secure work straight away.

Figures from the Higher Education Statistics Authority reveal that three years after they were first surveyed, the percentage of graduates in full-time paid employment had reached 74 per cent – up from 57 per cent when first polled.