Technology will be used by candidates to navigate the recruitment process and enable recruiters to explore their particular niche in the market according to a new report launched by REC Technology.

‘Recruitment 2022 – The Effect of Social Media and Technology on Future Recruitment,’ examines the recruitment process from three key perspectives – candidate, hirer and recruitment agency – and highlights opportunities for change across the recruitment industry.

The report shows how the recruitment process needs to adapt to the fragmenting jobs market where more candidates are choosing to work as interims and contractors and demands from hirers for flexible workers are increasing.

Recruiters must demonstrate their knowledge and expertise of the area that they are working in order to engage in meaningful and influential dialogue on a personal level with the candidate. Technology will enable recruiters to communicate using their individual online personality rather than an anonymous corporate account.

The report identifies some key areas where advances in technology will have an impact on the recruitment process:

  • Social Media: Recruiters, candidates and hirers need to move from using social media for basic networking to focus on quality of content and opportunities for candidates to demonstrate their credentials.
  • Mobile technology: There are untapped opportunities in the use of mobile technology – according to Google one in five recruitment searches is now made through a mobile and recruiters and hirers need to deliver more in this area.
  • Online reputation: Candidates will be able to demonstrate their ability online and post their opinions on their personal recruitment experience. Technology will be used to improve the candidate experience through greater transparency and communication at all stages of the recruitment process – currently 23 per cent of candidates report receiving no response at all to their application.

Public Affairs Executive of REC Technology, Les Berridge said: “The Recruitment 2022 report from REC technology gives a valuable insight into how recruitment and the candidate experience can be dramatically improved through the use of technology.

“There are huge opportunities for recruiters who specialise in a particular industry who are willing to engage with prospective candidates though the ever evolving range of digital channels available. The ability to source, distil, interpret and publish content will be king – and recruiters across the industry need to innovate to remain competitive.”

The report is available free to all REC technology members who need to log into the REC website and other members and non-members can purchase the report from the REC bookshop.