Nearly 70% of recruitment agencies are expecting a shortage of temporary agency workers over the Christmas period.

Research from de Poel, the number one procurer of temporary agency labour, shows that recruitment agencies are expecting heavy shortages in most sectors, including retail but especially in the logistics and care sector.

The festive period sees a huge increase in the use of temporary agency workers; de Poel predicts that 29% more temporary workers will be used in the run up to Christmas alone.

However, recruitment agencies seem to be struggling to fill the number of vacancies this year, despite rising unemployment figures.

42% of recruitment agencies surveyed said they expect there to be a lack of available temporary workers in the logistics sector over the next few months as demand for seasonal workers reaches and all time high.

The care sector was also another area of concern, with 24% of those surveyed expecting a shortage in the industry.

Retail and the construction industry came out the best with only 8% of those surveyed seeing a shortage in the retail sector and 7% in the construction industry.

Matthew Sanders, CEO of de Poel comments: “During the festive period temporary agency workers are an integral part of UK Plc as we gear up for some of the busiest months of the year.

“It is concerning to see that, despite the rising levels of unemployment, our industry is increasingly concerned about suitably trained staff in a number of different industries.

“In October the government confirmed there would be no changes to the Agency Workers Regulations that will be coming into force in 2011, which gives temporary agency workers the same rights as permanent staff after 12 weeks in a job. We hope that this will encourage more people to consider temporary agency labour as an alternative to permanent work, whilst still being able to get the same benefits.”