Racial discrimination has been revealed in recruitmentRacial discrimination is still apparent when it comes to recruitment, which has led the government to hint that new measures may be put in place to prevent this.

The report by the Department for Work and Pensions was compiled from research gathered after thousands of fake CVs were sent to employers across the UK, each boasting similar experience and qualifications but using a name that suggested the applicant was of either Asian or African descent or white.

It was found that while the white applicant sent out nine CVs in order to get a positive response, 16 applications were sent out by those in an ethnic minority before positive feedback was received.

Employment minister Jim Knight said the research "clearly shows" that some employers are discriminating when it comes to the recruitment process.

"We are determined to stop this scourge on society – the Equality Bill will strengthen our hand and we are already preparing to publish specific plans for dealing with discrimination in the workplace later this year," he added.

Meanwhile, a recent report from the National Autistic Society has revealed that Britons with autism are also facing difficulties when it comes to securing work.

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