Job seekers have been advised that having a magnetic personality can be a major advantage when competing for work, although relevant qualifications remain highly sought-after.

National Computing Centre marketing chief Michael Dean explained that employers place real importance on character traits which may translate well into the world of work, such as assertiveness and the ability to lead.

“Competence-based qualifications are only part of the recruitment picture. Employers will also typically be looking for soft skills,” he said. “Ideal candidates have a mix of both, varying according to their requirements.”

Mr Dean pointed out that although obtaining good degrees and taking specialist courses is “the base line” for candidates, others can make up for having less in the way of formal qualifications through their superior interpersonal skills.

Bosses looking for practical advice on finding and getting the most out of top talent should consider attending the Graduate Recruitment and Development Forum 2011, which is due to take place on February 1st in central London.

Posted by Hayley Edwards