Junior doctors are up in arms about Government plans to reclassify Saturday as part of their working week

Junior doctors are up in arms about government plans to reclassify Saturday as part of their working week

The role of junior doctor is not renowned as a career that encourages a laid back working style and an acceptable work life balance, nevertheless, the proposed government reforms to junior doctor’s contracts are proving a step too far for some health workers.

The new employment contract is due to be implemented next year, however many junior doctors claim that it will cut take home pay by 15%. The new contract will also mean that Saturdays will be deemed part of the working week for junior doctors, a fact that is prompting particular ire.

In response to the proposals there has been a large increase in doctors opting to join the British Medical Association (BMA). The BMA has suggested that it might call strike action in response to the contract and new members will be able to vote for such action.

The government’s attempt to reclassify Saturday as a working day has been designed to ensure that patients who are admitted to hospital at the weekend are not denied a high level of care due to a lack of staff on duty.






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