Jobseekers need to perfect their CV if they are to compete effectively in the current jobs market, an expert asserts. states the interview technique of potential applicants needs to be perfected when hunting for a new position due to the reduced number of jobs on the market.

Joe McDermott, chief executive officer of the skills training service, says: "What we say to anyone looking for a job is that they have to perfect their interview skills, their CV and prepare thoroughly for all those parts of the job search process."

The expert also advised that people should improve their job-hunting skills and this does not just apply to graduates but to all job seekers.

A poll conducted by states that 79 per cent of people think it is harder to get a job now than it was 12 months ago.

The study also found over a third of people lose sleep the night before an interview worrying about falsehoods they have entered on their CV.