ICG slams 'inconsistent' careers guidanceThe Institute of Career Guidance (ICG) has criticised the current provision of employment advice at UK education institutions, claiming it is insufficient for the needs of students and businesses alike.

ICG president Dr Deirdre Hughes suggested that English careers services are particularly below par and insisted that such facilities can be crucial in the development of individual youngsters.

"Generally speaking, the state of careers education in England in particular is very patchy and inconsistent," she explained. "So that standard has to be driven up and in doing so that would give us perhaps more comfort and reassurance."

Dr Hughes added that both parents and teenagers can benefit from careers advice and called on schools and universities to ensure that individuals are receiving the adequate information to help them make the right choices.

Last week, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills outlined plans to launch a new all-ages careers service, as well as imposing a legal duty on schools to provide independent and impartial counsel.

Posted by Ross George