With the Chancellor George Osborne announcing his autumn statement tomorrow, there are calls for more to be done to allow businesses to grow and create more vacancies for the growing numbers of unemployed people in the UK.

Carmen Watson, Managing Director of Pertemps Recruitment Partnership, said, “A bleak picture has been painted over recent months, with the job shortage featuring as a headline concern for the UK. Although we have seen a marked increase in flexible workers over recent months, the lower end of the market is where particular attention is needed. The recent announcement of the youth contract initiative will make inroads into the youth unemployment problem. But in order for other vulnerable groups to be aided into employment, the chancellor should focus on creating a more favourable business environment where growth is encouraged.

“The autumn statement should be a budget for jobs. Measures such as underwriting business loans are an encouraging response to concerns we have been hearing from a number of businesses. However, companies should also receive the confidence from the autumn statement that will encourage them to invest in the future of their businesses, even if this is at a modest rate. This could be facilitated by employing talented personnel with big ambitions and enhancing the skills of current workers.”