The era of ‘Facebook faux pas’ has been declared over by Dave Way, managing director of financial services recruiter Marks Sattin.

Way’s declaration follows research, in which five recruiters took part including Laurence Simons, Marks Sattin, Greythorn, Ortus and EMR, which shows that last year only 0.01% of candidates whose CVs impressed potential employers, failed to secure job opportunities due to questionable social networking profiles, compared to 0.1% in 2006.

Way says: “Six years ago, we saw the first social-networking slip-ups from candidates. They rose to a crescendo in 2006, when the use of sites like Facebook exploded – but people still hadn’t figured out quite how sensitive some of this information could be.

“Fortunately, the white-hot job market meant a lot of candidates who made these mistakes got away with it. Although employers deal with Facebook faux pas more harshly now, most people have wised up. The era of the recruitment Facebook faux pas is effectively over.”