Results of an employer brand survey are launched today by the marketing services team at NES Global Talent. Over 800 oil and gas contractors took part in the survey that focused on employer branding – the package of attributes that denote an organisation’s reputation as an employer.  Key findings include:


  • 40% of respondents say the top five international oil companies are the most appealing in the industry in terms of places to work.
  • A more significant factor than rate of pay is how operators are perceived to take care of their employees.
  • Company reputation ranks as the primary driver of appeal for contractors.
  • Teamwork, having a ‘can do’ attitude, honest and good communications skills are listed as the most important soft skills for companies to possess.
  • The operators approach to safety standards is a key element of the overall company reputation.


Caitie Thomas, marketing director at NES Global Talent, said:  “We commissioned the brand tracking survey so we could understand more about what influences contractors’ choice of an operator to help identify ways for them to maximise their employer desirability.”


The well known challenge is the significant increases in the world’s energy demands and oil and gas sector has a particularly ageing workforce, with more than half becoming eligible for retirement within the next ten years.  As a result, the industry faces monumental talent challenges in the years to come, and companies need to act fast.


Thomas added “With several global projects delayed from last year, the challenge of finding quality recruits for specialist roles has become more acute. The role a company brand can play in attracting and retaining key talent is far stronger in than we first envisioned.”


With more than 30 years’ experience of operating in staffing the oil and gas sector and over 4,000 contracted personnel on assignment around the world, NES Global Talent has an unrivalled insight into the industry. Its customers include Shell, BP, Siemens, ExxonMobil, Total and Chevron.