Kia is seeking new graduate recruitsMotor vehicle manufacturer Kia has revealed plans to expand its graduate recruitment by launching a new training scheme, in a bid to further boost the Korean firm’s recent growth.

The company is hoping to take advantage of the current excess of university leavers struggling to find work after obtaining degrees and will embark on a fresh recruitment drive in the second half of this year.

“As many as one in ten UK graduates failed to find a job last year and prospects for 2010 are just as gloomy,” said Kia’s HR chief Gary Tomlinson. “We are looking for ambitious and talented individuals who possess the potential to forge a career.”

He added that the business will seek to acquire five new graduates on 12-month contracts later in 2010.

Last week, financial services provider Deloitte claimed places for its summer internship scheme remain in high demand, with another 150 students expected to be hired this year.

Posted by Ross George