The REC has written to Chris Grayling, Minister for Employment, to re-emphasise the contribution that recruiters can make in delivering much needed support and guidance to specific categories of job-seekers.

The launch earlier this year of the revised REC/JCP Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) laid down a significant marker in terms of public and private sector employment services working together. One example of this co-operation is the current job-search support initiative which involves job-seekers from the high-end of the market being referred from JCP to specialised recruitment agencies.

Underlining the benefits of the industry, Tom Hadley, the REC’s Director of Policy and Professional Services, said:

“The current scheme has provided targeted support to over 80,000 job-seekers, many of whom have been able to get back into work. The initiative is due to finish at the end of March but the feedback from job-seekers is that this practical support and guidance is absolutely crucial. We understand current budgetary constraints, but the initiative has produced tangible results and we have repeated our calls for it to be extended.

“Recruitment agencies have developed real expertise in providing practical guidance. Tapping into this constitutes the most cost-effective way of ensuring that job seekers are given the support needed to get back into work. As well as focusing on the higher-end of the jobs market. There are other categories of job-seekers for whom specific guidance and support is equally crucial – in particular recent graduates and public sector workers looking to transition into the private sector”.

Providing targeted support is a priority, making the most of existing expertise would provide a cost-effective way forward. This something we will continue to explore with Government”.