A lack of awareness about Army life and the roles on offer could be stopping human resources, business administration and secretarial professionals from considering a career with the British Army. Research reveals that Britons primarily think the Army only involves combat roles and more than half of people have no idea about the full-time and part-time administration careers available in roles such as PAs, recruitment specialists, payroll, HR managers, and welfare workers.

Announced by the Defence Secretary Philip Hammond earlier this year, the Army is running a new recruitment campaign for 2014 – ‘More than meets the eye’ – to put right people’s misconceptions of what a career in the Army is really like. The campaign, which is currently running across national TV, radio and in cinema, showcases the wide range of roles and opportunities available, particularly in the Army Reserve – formerly the Territorial Army. It also hopes to attract HR recruits to part-time specialist roles.

Private Jemma Rosier, an 18-year-old Combat HR Specialist with the Adjutants General’s Corps (AGC), said: “It’s incredible how much variety there is in the Army. I’d say to anyone considering signing up to take the first step.

“People who work in areas like HR might be worried about their levels of fitness, but the Army brings you up to speed. I wasn’t fit at all when I signed up but as long as you go into it with full commitment the Army will support you”.

A part-time career with the AGC provides an opportunity for HR and admin specialists looking to do something extra with their time and seeking a rewarding experience outside of normal working hours. Reservists travel alongside British soldiers all over the world, delivering support to operations, exercises and adventure training.

The Staff and Personnel Support (SPS) Branch provides specialist HR, personnel and business administration, finance, accounting and ICT support to the British Army during peacetime and on operations. Its personnel serve alongside and administer every unit in the Army.

Research, carried out by One Poll, revealed more than half (53 per cent) did not know the Army offered HR or administration roles, and that close to a third of people did not realise part-time jobs in the Army Reserve were paid. Two-fifths did not know that being a reservist was a flexible commitment that fits in around people’s day jobs and personal lives.

Major General Chris Tickell, Director General, Army Recruiting and Training Division said: “The Army is restructuring to ensure Regular and Reserve soldiers are fully integrated into one force, training and working alongside each other. This campaign reflects that and will kick start our 2014 activity to recruit new full-time soldiers and increase the trained strength of part-time soldiers. We hope to do this by challenging public perceptions that the Army purely consists of frontline combat roles. We want to show potential recruits who are perhaps thinking about how they can improve their careers and lives that there is much more to the Army than meets the eye.”

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