Specialist IT Recruitment Company IntaPeople has found that recruitment agencies have an average audience of 650 users per social media update, and enjoy a combined social reach of 2,000 across LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

An average of 650 LinkedIn Company followers was supported by an average of 600 Facebook page likes or friends and 1700 Twitter followers. The majority of companies followed a roughly equal amount or higher number of accounts than those they were followed by.

Average Recruiter Followings

  • 650 LinkedIn Company followers
  • 600 Facebook page likes or friends
  • 1700 Twitter followers

The percentage of audience that reads any given update will fluctuate depending on multiple variables, but a survey of sample data revealed the following common trends.

  • Strong commitment to primary platforms of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • Twitter is favoured for quick sharing of short job advertisements with associated topic-based hashtags
  • LinkedIn Company profiles used for company-centric news
  • Blogging is not a highly common or regular practice
  • Just one company surveyed appeared to have no social media activity.

Despite recent news that 41 per cent of unique visitors to LinkedIn arrive via mobile devices, the survey also found that a minority of recruitment websites are customised for effective viewing on mobile devices.

Mark Hawkins, Marketing Manager at IntaPeople, commented: “Social media is a constantly evolving, often abstract and occasionally incomprehensible stream of data, to which some recruitment companies dedicate more time and effort than others.

“Follower numbers have to be treated with caution. There are always fake accounts, spam accounts and robot-automated accounts, as well as dormant and lapsed users. Audience numbers are not concrete guarantees of how many will see an update, although paid options are now available across most platforms to boost visibility. A degree of reasonable doubt has been applied to the sample data calculations.”