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A new study has indicated that 30 percent of Brits prefer to work over the bank holiday weekend, but a huge 60 percent will not be getting paid extra to work the weekend.

The survey, conducted by personal credit company Provident, quizzed 2,000 people around the UK and found that most people that will be working this bank holiday are from Scotland, and the ones that will be making the most of the extra day off are from the East Midlands.

The top three areas likely to working this bank holiday are Scotland, with 28.55 percent working, East Anglia, with 22.50 percent working and Northern Ireland with 21 percent working.

London came in as 18 percent of its people working over the holiday.

The areas least likely to be working this holiday are the North East with 17 percent working, the South West with 16.06 percent working and finally the East Midlands with 12 percent working.

East Midlands came in on top as the area for earning the most extra income on bank holiday, as 83 percent of respondents said they will be getting paid extra for working over the long weekend. The worst places to work this bank holiday is in London and Scotland as only approximately 30 percent of respondents said they will get paid extra.






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