New research into the onboarding process has uncovered an astounding insight into the worst employee experiences from across the globe.

Cloud solution webonboarding carried out this global survey on 4,000 office workers, with UK employees reported on average taking a month longer to settle into their new roles. The survey results as a whole unveil the global HR problems hitting businesses internationally.

Starting a new job is normally an exciting experience however,over a third of respondents admitted to having a serious problem either between accepting their offer or when they started. A staggering 36 per cent of office workers admitted to not having the basic equipment such as a computer or laptop on their first day, causing them to feel like they were joining an unprofessional organisation.

With support being pivotal to the overall development of a new employee, it was surprising to learn that collectively, 56 per cent of office workers did not receive full training and have a sufficient induction plan. Additionally, a lack of guidance from a new employer could be to blame for the one in seven of new starters leaving their job after just a few days. As a result this idle approach to the onboarding process could be acting as a slow puncture in company finances.

First impressions are critical therefore, as a business you want to make a positive impact on new employees as it will ultimately mould their view of the type of establishment they are joining. 22 per cent of respondents said when they had experienced problems in the early onboarding process it had led them to change their mind before their official start day.

71 per cent of office workers said they would have settled into their role quicker had there been a better process in place and 69 per cent admitting it would improve their overall job performance. Highlighting the necessity to prepare all required equipment, materials and training for increased engagement of the new employee.

Adam Reynolds, CEO of webonboarding, comments:

“The findings of our research have highlighted extreme flaws within the onboarding process that are having detrimental effects on global businesses. Major themes throughout were neglect, disorganisation and a lack of engagement leading to onboardees regretting their choice or choosing to leave. Remarkably it seems to boil down to businesses failing to invest the time and focus you would expect to receive in the first few months of joining a new organisation.There seems to be a grey area between offering the job to becoming a new employee that gets neglected, businesses invest money and effort into seeking talent but forget this essential stage in between.

Our aim with these results is to make businesses sit up and listen, presenting the hard facts of what could be going on in their organisation. It’s important to remember we wouldn’t treat our customers like this so why would we treat new staff with such disregard? These are issues that have previously been brushed under the carpet and now need to be addressed and changed. More than half of respondents admitted their current organisation needed to improve their onboarding process, so these findings could be that prompt to do so.”





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