Skills development as important as pay, says CMIA representative from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) has claimed that regular opportunities to acquire new skills are as important to many employees as a good salary.

CMI spokesman Mike Petrook insisted that "a fairly overwhelming majority" of workers are looking for continual development so they can take new talents to a different job – either at the same company or elsewhere – years down the line.

"Money is important, because frankly we've all got bills to pay," he explained. "But the most important thing that people are looking for is how they can make sure that they are continually employable."

Mr Petrook added that although some bosses may be wary of providing extra training for fear of losing staff to other firms, individuals are more likely to seek alternative employment if they feel they are not progressing.

A recent survey carried out by Harvey Nash and the Confederation of British Industry revealed that a growing number of businesses are concerned that relations with their employees will become increasingly strained this year.

Posted by Hayley Edwards