Russam GMS, the Interim Management provider, has launched a new specialist mentoring service for SME business owners called RGMS Business Mentors,

RGMS Business Mentors are experienced independent business executives recruited to work closely with SME Managing Directors at director level on a part-time basis. They will act as ‘critical friends,’ providing strategic business advice, coaching Managing Directors through specific business challenges and they will even undertake CEO-level projects. They are former CEOs, senior managers and captains of industry and are ideally placed to help established SME owners solve business challenges and achieve growth and business success.

Charles Russam, Chairman of Russam GMS commented, “In these difficult times many owner-managed organisations need close support from external experienced professionals, outside their management structure. The RGMS Business Mentor service is aimed at established businesses that need independent assistance to deal with business challenges or support on how to take their business to the next level.”

”The RGMS Business Mentors will have greater technical knowledge and experience than exists in a company. They will be someone the Managing Director can confide in and trust and who they can work with on a continuing part-time basis,” he added.