The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has supported the government’s decision not to extend an employee’s right to ‘time off to train’ to temporary staff.

Under new government guidelines, permanent employees will be able to request time off to train but this right will not apply to those employed on a temporary basis through an agency.

According to the REC, this is an "important lobbying win", as allowing temporary staff time to train could create "substantial administrative problems for the industry".

Judith Armatage, director of professional development at the REC said that it supports "access to training for temps".

She explained, however, that "we are pleased that the government took on board our argument and that it was not practical or even logical to extend the right to request ‘time off to train’ to the temporary workforce".

Ms Armatage said that the reason people choose to temp is because it gives them the flexibility to study as well as work, so it would therefore “not make sense” to give temporary staff additional time to train.

A survey conducted by the REC recently revealed that there was a lack of training in the nursing and social care sector as 80 per cent of those questioned said they had experienced "problems related to a shortage of skilled labour".