Training is almost as important as salary increases for IT professionals, an expert has claimed.

Alex Farrell, managing director of the IT Job Board, pointed out the increasing importance of technology to businesses and said professionals in the sector are now often included at board level.

Mr Farrell also noted that organisations have been forced to become more aware of training the IT staff, due the fact that their activities often underpin their whole business operation.

He added: “IT staff almost see training as more important to them than a raise in salary.

“Companies understand that keeping their IT staff highly skilled which involves continual training is more important than pay increases.”

In addition, he suggested that investing in training for IT workers can lead to improved staff retention rates.

According IT Job Board research, 81 per cent of those employed in the sector would consider moving overseas if a job opportunity presented itself.

The research revealed 28 per cent would move abroad for career development reasons and 16 per cent cited the current economic climate, although 36 per cent believe language barriers could present an obstacle to working abroad.