Despite unemployment figures rising, HR specialists are finding it difficult to recruit top talent, according to research from The Curve Group.

The survey of HR Directors and business leaders, conducted by The Curve Group, indicates that three quarters of these professionals struggled to find top talent despite there being more people unemployed.

Engaging the talent that is already within the organisation also seems to be a problem. 62% of those surveyed have seen an increase in stress-related absenteeism over the last two years.

These findings, coupled with the struggle to find top talent, would suggest that top talent isn’t available, but is overworked.

Lyndsey Simpson, Co-owner, The Curve Group, says: “These figures indicate some of the challenges facing employers in times of economic uncertainty.

“Redundancies or headcount freezes put pressure on the remaining workforce, leading to increased levels of stress. At the same time those who have a job often feel they should remain in a ‘safe’ position rather than risk moving, thus reducing the talent pool.”

She continues: “While this shift is understandable in the short term, the danger is in neglecting the needs of the wider workforce – which may contain the stars of tomorrow – and leads to potential disengagement and reduced levels of output.”