50% of survey respondents revealed that HR is not delivering to its full potential in providing employees with the right training and knowledge for their role

In an independent survey of 769 HR leaders from across the globe, findings revealed that over a third of HR leaders believe they cannot sufficiently prepare their workforce for tomorrow’s skills demand, leaving one in three employees feeling insecure in their job as a result.

The survey, commissioned by Lumesse, a global leader in integrated talent management solutions, found that 80% of respondents agreed that employees have to learn more and faster to succeed in their role than they did five years ago, yet exactly half of HR leaders confirmed that they are some way from delivering to their full potential when it comes to providing employees with the right training and knowledge for their role.

Thomas Berglund, Director of Learning at Lumesse commented, “With 75% of HR leaders agreeing that organisational change is happening globally much faster than just five years ago, HR professionals are being asked to achieve more with much less, and to do it right now. To overcome this challenge, HR leaders need to adopt more agile learning strategies that respond incredibly quickly to change and that are easy to deploy across intuitive technology platforms that employees trust. Doing so will help organisations and HR leaders to minimise the disconnect and time delay between ‘skill need identified and learning deployed.”

Further key findings:

  • Only 10% worldwide believe HR is seen as an ‘extremely useful partner’ by employees for skills development.
  • Over 70% of HR leaders believe that employees see HR as providing little or no learning, or just the minimum skills for them to succeed.
  • 40% of HR leaders believe that employees would not seek help from HR if they needed to develop new knowledge or skills quickly.
  • The majority of employees see their colleagues as a more valuable resource for acquiring new skills or knowledge than their internal Learning Management Systems.
  • HR managers believe more than 30% of their employees feel insecure in their jobs because their skills and knowledge are not up-to-date.

To address this challenge, Lumesse has today launched the latest version of its cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS), developed for organisations of all sizes. Lumesse Learning Gateway 6.0 offers a market-leading self-service capability for organisations to create specific learner portals for each audience. Users can change and update the portal as they go to build a truly personalised learner experience, and keep pace with their development needs without the need for programming skills.

Learning Gateway 6.0 also provides a comprehensive solution for delivering and managing sophisticated learning programmes, which can include tests and assessments, e-learning, instructor-led training and social learning. It is fast to deploy, easy to manage and is continually enhanced by new product releases. It is also scalable to any number of learners and any amount of learning desired.

“Learning Gateway 6.0 empowers HR professionals to take learning programmes back into their own hands, by having the ability to design, customise, publish and deploy multiple learning courses quickly, and cater to employees of all levels and skill needs across the organisation,” commented Berglund. “Heads of Learning can also access a wide range of drag and drop interactive apps, custom built to ensure the fast and efficient development of new courses in-house, without the added time lag and financial expensive that comes with using a traditional, static learning system.”