The government's apprenticeship scheme is under scrutiny

The government’s apprenticeship scheme is under scrutiny

An inquiry has been launched into what has been termed the Government’s ‘ambitious’ apprenticeships target. There are some who feel concerned about how the Government plans to meet the high targets that they have set themselves.

The creation of three million apprenticeships by 2020 was one of the Conservative Party’s key pledges during the election campaign last year, however, critics have said that standards could fall in order to pull of the difficult task.


Earlier in the week it was reported, for example, that the Civil Service plans to make redundancies in order to prepare for an influx of apprenticeships and there have been some who have suggested that this is a case of the Government trying to kill two birds with one stone.


A Parliamentary sub-committee has been launched to consider the apprenticeship system in more detail, which will look at how the Government proposes to achieve their target and how its ambitious nature may affect industries with a skills shortage.

The group will also look at how standards in the apprenticeship system can be maintained and enforced and will also consider the details of the controversial apprenticeships levy that was launched in the summer Budget.





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