Over 50% of managers give their employees both frequent honest communication and regular praise to keep them motivated during tough times. That is according to an online survey of senior managers conducted by technical and engineering recruiter CBSbutler through its monthly Bulletpoint management newsletter.

Just under 20% say they involve staff in the decision making process by asking for suggestions as to how to raise their morale. 16% provide more training opportunities and just over 10% offer flexi time and working from home opportunities.

David Leyshon, MD of CBSbutler says: “Keeping your staff motivated, engaged and enthusiastic during tough times is a challenge that all businesses will have to face. When monetary rewards are no longer viable, managers need to think hard as to how to motivate all team members with non-monetary rewards.

When things are crashing down around the business, one thing is vital – managers must never over look their current talent. It is crucial that staff are continuously encouraged and inspired in the workplace, as these are the individuals who are going to help you get through the rough patch. Recent studies have warned employers of a talent drain when the recovery comes about, as disengaged and disenchanted individuals who have stayed with the company through the slump find the motivation to move onto pastures new.

Individuals are motivated in different ways, but almost every person enjoys being recognised and praised for a job well done. For me building up my team’s self-esteem and confidence by commending them in front of the peers, and also providing frequent open, honest and transparent communication helps me to not only engage with the team and build trust, but it also raises employee’s spirits and encouraging them to work harder.

At CBSbutler, for example, we hold an annual kickoff event which enables us to present all financial and operational figures to our staff. This shows that we have nothing to hide and we want each and every staff member to be involved with the business and help take it forward to the next level. On the same night we hold an awards ceremony to reward and recognise our top performers. We realise that this all adds value to our employees working life, and that is why we have a motivated and passionate workforce.